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Angela's arrival to the accessories world is owed in part to her restlessness in her search to find something different. Her desire to feel unique accompanied by her "unconventional" nature, to settle for what was already out there was not an option.

Completely self-taught in her craft, Angela managed to learn to work with materials like acetate and tortoise shell, making herself a prominent name amongst some of the most renown flamenco fashion designers.

Her pieces are full of intricate twists and curves designed and crafted by her own two hands. Making only one accessory at a time provides an authentic feel to each and every piece of the collection.

The most prominent pieces of her collection are the large combs, or peinas, bold and flashy accessories for your hair. Bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, belts...there's nothing that Angela Romero hasn't designed, as she's already accessorized some of the greatest artists of Spanish folk songs (the copla).

Angela believes in a different kind accessory to define Spanish flamenco style; it's modern and contemporary, yet maintains its cultural and historical roots. Best of all, her pieces are suitable for a night out on the town or any event.
Any accessory you wear from her collection will be sure to have heads turning and all eyes on you!


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