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Hair combs and earrings designed to perpetuate the essence of the old "corrales de flamenco", the dance area for flamenco. Antonio, designer and owner of Artepeinas, arrived to the flamenco fashion world only a couple years ago, but

from the very beginning he caught the eye of some of the most distinguished figures of the Spanish fashion world, like designer Susan Pagés.

His creations are deeply rooted in Spanish folk songs, the copla--a four-line stanza song with Andalusian origin. Large handmade combs detailed with images of Seville, hidden nooks of the city or vintage posters are some of his most favored and renown designs.

He spends his days in his small workshop imagining and creating new pieces and figures. His accessories almost feel weightless, sparking what almost seemed like a fashion revolution in the April Fair, la Feria de Sevilla, in 2013.