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Since 1996, Carmen Molina has been creating and designing in her studio in Seville under the fashion house brand M. Molina.She has dedicated year to studying and investigating different materials and techniques that by the year 2000,

she decided to put all of her experience into concentrating on the design and creation of accessories that she envisioned to be extra special pieces for flamenco fashionistas.

In 2004 she revealed a new technique that revolutionized the flamenco accessory world, based on Venetian varnish. Through this medium, now the fruit of her labor, she creates her own innovative technique after years of study and investigation. She was seen in the center of flamenco fashion, the International Flamenco Fashion Show (SIMOF) in 2007, and has continued throughout the years creating and innovating to style flamenco fashion lovers all over the world.

Her work is portrayed as a series of unique pieces elaborated with precision and care, always embellished with gems and other mediums using her original technique.
The result is a product that has a lively, fresh feel and a high quality look that's made by hand, but designed to enliven and awaken the soul.