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About Us


Accessories play an essential part to your look, and now more than ever it's essential to show off your latest flamenco dress with trendy flair. Designers know this, so they're always looking for the latest trends and newest materials to make each and every accessory one of a kind. Here at Azaranda, we believe that a special flamenco dress should be shown off with the most unique accessories.

Azaranda looks for quailty, design and the latest and greatest fashion trends. Our love for exceptional designs has inspired us to create the first website dedicated to showcasing flamenco accessories and high-end jewelry from some of the most prominent designers in flamenco fashion. Most of the designs you'll find here are handmade, and from our page you'll have direct access to the best brands and you can easily purchase the perfect accessory online.

Azaranda looks for the most fashionable accessories and super-exclusive designs, those you wouldn't typically find in your city, or even see walking about a party or social gathering.

We bring you the latest flamenco accessories found in the fashion magazines, the statement pieces that glamorize celebrities and runway models from shows like SIMOF, We Love Flamenco or MBPF Jerez.  Flamenco style icons and designers like Pilar Vera, Juana Martín, Pol Núñez and Margarita Freire present their collections on the runways with the flamenco fashionista in mind. Azaranda takes these designs and places them at your fingertips via our online store, giving you a convenient and guaranteed shopping experience where you can see each product in detail and select the pieces most suitable and stylish for you. 

All of us at Azaranda would love to help you find exactly what you're looking for to create a look unequalled to that of another. We want you to be unique, to feel trendy and to stand out among the rest of the flamenco fashion girls.

If you want to look and feel special, accessorize accordingly.